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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  February 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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singer's room but are still looking into all possible causes of death. >> the person could have suffered a heart attack or something and no matter what medications they're taking until we run a tox level we aren't going to speculate. >> reporter: the coroner's office says it could take six to eight weeks to determine the exact cause of death. it is no secret that after a long battle with substance abuse the troubled star was in the midst of making a comeback. >> it is incredible pressure. physically, emotionally, in every respect. really reconditioning her instrument, her voice, getting it into top notch form, the pressure of wanting to sound as good as she always did. >> reporter: and in a recent statement coming from the beverly hills police department, authorities confirmed that one of houston's personal assistants found her body submerged in the bath tub and pulled it out of the water before alerting hotel security. no foul play is suspected in the
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untimely death of the superstar. >> the first aid and cpr measures were performed and an attempt to revive her. they were unsuccessful at approximately 3:55 p.m. whitney houston was pronounced dead at the beverly hilton hotel. >> reporter: at sunday night's grammy awards the mood was uplifting as greats talked about perhaps the greatest of them all. >> she is the best singer i ever heard. >> it is like a hole in the heart of music. >> reporter: during the broadcast jennifer hudson, a voice fraught with emotion, sang a moving rendition of the song that became whitney houston's trademark. ♪ i will always love you >> reporter: funeral services will be held in newark, new jersey, her hometown, at the end of the week, a city that first witnessed the rise of an amazing superstar. in beverly hills, california, i'm sarah edwards, news 4.
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local musicians and artists who knew whitney houston are speaking out about how she touched their lives and impacted their careers. singer/songwriter lomo first met houston at a new york recording studio and the two later collaborated on a song together. she remembers how their friendship blossomed after the first meeting. >> after that we just kept in contact like through mutual people and then parted a couple times and she was really cool like she was so down to earth i honestly didn't expect that. >> reporter: news 4's erika gonzalez will have more local reaction to whitney houston's death tonight at 6:30. breaking news tonight from montgomery county. for the first time we're able to see and hear a conversation between police and the woman convicted of killing her co-worker at a lulu lemon store in bethesda. jackie benson is in rockville now with new video. >> jim, the police interviews began in britney norwood's
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hospital room and continued over several days. the recordings show how norwood's story changed as detectives confronted her with results of the evidence they had gathered. in a clip you are about to see a tearful, wimpering norwood said she moved the car because of two men who she claimed entered the store and assaulted her and murray. >> you got in the car and drove off. >> mm-hmm. >> people would probably ask why didn't you just keep on going and not go back? you know? >> because i was scared for my life. >> okay. well you were in the car and you were driving away -- >> because i knew they knew where i lived. >> okay. but then couldn't you go get a cop or something like that and tell them these guys are in the store? >> yes i could have. i was scared. >> okay. because, you know, people would probably ask stuff like that. and i guess i have to try to be
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able to answer that. so what's the answer to that one? >> i was scared for my life. >> okay. >> i was scared for my life. that's all i can tell you. >> britney norwood is currently serving a life sentence in prison. reporting live in rockville, jackie benson, news 4. >> thank you. a u.s. supreme court justice held up by a man armed with a machete during a family vacation. authorities confirmed justice breyer, his wife, and family friends were robbed at their vacation home in the caribbean. it happened about 9:00 last thursday night. the suspect was wearing a ski mask and holding a machete. the suspect got away with about a thousand dollars in cash. nobody was hurt. this is the third time that a member of the supreme court has been the victim of a crime. justice david suter was mugged in 2001 and justice ruth bader ginsburg had her purse snatched
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in 1996. more testimony today at the george huguely murder trial. he's the former university of virginia la crosse player who has been charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend and another la crosse player yardley love. today jurors heard from the medical juror who performed the autopsy on love. julie carey is in charlottesville with more. >> dr. william gormley is the assistant chief at the state crime lab and today showed jurors the many injuries on yardley love's battered body. injuries the prosecution hopes to show came at the hands of george huguely. the autopsy of 22-year-old yardley love revealed bruises that stretched nearly from head to toe. dr. william gormley testified they were even on her chest, a bruise on her buttock measuring 2 x 3 inches. on her neck a bruise so severe it caused a hemorrhage near her carotid artery. as prosecutor david chapman about the neck injury what is
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the effect of pressure being applied here? dr. gormley the effect is for the heart to slow or stop. chapman, could that type of injury lead to death? gormley, it could reflect pressure that could have led to death. love's head injuries were also significant. she had a bruised eye, mouth abrasions, cuts inside her mouth, and a bruised tongue. when asked what could have caused that gormley replied, the injury to the face particularly the mouth could be consistent with smothering. gormley also testified love suffered a blow to the right side of the head that created another potentially fatal hemorrhage but defense attorneys challenged gormley's conclusions pointing out there were no injuries to the left side of love's head. love's autopsy is key to the prosecution's case that an angry and drunken george huguely broke into her apartment on may 3rd, 2010, beat her, and left her dying on her bed. earlier today box after box of physical evidence gathered in the case was emptied and presented to the jury.
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among the items, photos of injuries to george huguely's body. pictures taken shortly after his arrest. officer johnny carper spent two hours documenting some bruises and abrasions on both of huguely's arms. there was a laceration on his calf believed to have come from kicking through the bedroom door and photos showed huguely's hands, his knuckles and palms reddened. td medical examiner's testimony is not complete. he will return to the stand and tell jurors the results of his autopsy and what it says about a final conclusion on cause of death. reporting live from charlottesville, julie carey, back to you. >> thank you. a man convicted of murdering his boss has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. his name is keith little. he was convicted of first-degree murder back in december. he stabbed his supervisor, a man named roosevelt brockington. he stabbed him more than 70 times in the boiler room of the
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suburban hospital back on new year's day of 2010. both men worked there. the prosecutors say little was angry with brockington because of a scheduling conflict and a poor performance review. today president obama sent his new budget to congress then went to northern virginia community college to talk about the spending plan. it calls for raising taxes on the wealthy and investing federal money to create new jobs and educational opportunities. congressional republicans say the budget ignores a spending crisis threatening to engulf the economy. brian mohr has our report. >> reporter: the president unveiled a budget that would slash $4 trillion from the budget over the next decade. >> i'm proposing difficult cuts i wouldn't normally make if they weren't absolutely necessary but they are. >> reporter: but the $3.8 trillion spending blueprint also proposes hundreds of billions of
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dollars in new spending including $8 billion to train new college students like these for careers in health care, transportation, and manufacturing. the budget also calls for broad cuts in government and military spending. and nearly $2 trillion in tax increases. >> do we want to keep the tax cuts for wealthiest americans or keep investing in everything else? >> reporter: the president calls it shared responsibility. republicans call it a rehash of old ideas. >> there is not anything in this budget to really get our economy moving again. >> gop critics say it ignores social security, medicare, and other drivers. >> somebody asked me if the budget was dead on arrival and i said no, it's debt on arrival. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid has already said he doesn't see any need to bring a budget up for a vote and even if he did it's unlikely lawmakers will reach an agreement in this election year. house republicans plan to unveil
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their own spending plan next month. on capitol hill, brian mohr, news 4. president obama is also calling for a simplified tax code. officials in the administration say the president will release a framework for corporate tax reform by the end of the month. coming up tonight a dramatic demonstration. protesters rappelling off the memorial bridge and it didn't end there. >> new developments in the penn state scandal. why jerry sandusky is getting more freedom as he sits at home awaiting trial on sexual abuse charges. riots in greece. thousands of people taking to the streets set buildings on fire unless the government plans to avoid defaults on its loans. temperatures rebounded today back to near 50 degrees. i am watching a couple storms including this one that will move in overnight. i'll show you what effect it may have on your commute plus what to expect the rest of the week. hey, dan. >> hey, doug. it's a precarious playoff situation for your washington capitals. a fan favorite?
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officially departs from the university of maryland. plus the road finally not so rocky for the wizards.
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some of the restrictions on jerry sandusky's house avest have been lifted including one that would allow him to visit his grandchildren. sandusky is the former assistant
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football coach at penn state. he is accused of sexually abusing young boys over a 15-year span. >> reporter: at a hearing friday jerry sandusky complained his house arrest prohibited contact with his 11 grandchildren and can only communicate with them through wife dottie. >> i had a wife who came home after visiting with grandchildren or who is sitting there when grandchildren call on my birthday and they ask to talk to me and she has to tell them they can't i'm sensitive to that. >> reporter: monday the judge lifted that restriction and ruled that provided at least one parent is present sandusky can now have unlimited contact as well as visits from his grandchildren. he can also have up to three two-hour visits a week from adult friends and he can now leave his house to assist his attorneys in preparing his defense.
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the judge rejected, however, a request from prosecutors that sandusky be confined to the inside of his house after neighbors complained he had been seen repeatedly on his back porch peering at a nearby playground full of children. the judge also denied a prosecution request to have an outside jury brought in for the trial in mid may on 52 charges he sexually abused young boys over a 15-year period. a massive cleanup is under way in athens, greece after a protest turned into a riot yesterday. the protesters are angry about more deep spending cuts designed to keep greece from falling into bankruptcy. thousands of protesters faced off against police and dozens of buildings were destroyed including two historic theaters as an indication of how strongly emotions are rungi inrunning in
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the riots began hours before parliament approved the cuts. unemployment in greece is above 21% and the new measures will cut the min wage by 20% and eliminate 150,000 government jobs within the next three years. a hot spot in italy has gone ice cold. the famous venice canals are frozen over thanks to a recent cold snap in europe. the freezing cold temperatures are making travel difficult and this couldn't have come at a worse time. this past weekend kicked off the annual venice carnival which brings millions of tourists to the area which makes you wonder why they schedule the carnival for this time of the year if they're depending on the waterways for travel. >> they don't really see that kind of cold there. they're getting it not just there but all over europe and even portions of north africa seeing snow for the first time in a number of decades. it is amazing how cold their weather has been. our weather has been the exact opposite until yesterday. yesterday was a cold day. wind chills all day long in the teens. we're done with that.
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that has now moved out of here and temperatures today much warmer across the area with a high of 50 degrees. take a look right now. a nice night on the chilly side as you step out the door this evening but not too bad considering where we were this time yesterday. high temperatures today did reach that 50-degree mark starting off though cold with a low of 24 but yes much warmer today and it looks like the milder temperatures are going to be sticking around. temperature right now 46 degrees with winds out of the southwest at about 6 miles per hour. we are starting to see the clouds on the increase and they'll continue to increase overnight tonight. 39 in gaithersburg. waldorf coming in at 43 degrees. over toward annapolis coming in at 46. so again it is going to be on the chilly side when you step out but not all that bad. take a look at the metro area and you should see reston, fairfax county 43 or 44 degrees. honey town 40 degrees and over toward baltimore a temperature of 43. storm 4 radar nothing to show you right now as far as rain is concerned in our area but as
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soon as you start to widen out you'll look at all of this moisture back to the west making its way toward our region. notice all the snow in st. louis. some heavy snow just to the north of memphis. there are actually winter storm warnings in northern portions of arkansas. that moisture is moving our way and it will get here over night and into early tomorrow morning. most of it is simply going to fall apart once it hits the mountains. this storm not meaning much for us at all. nice weather. we saw it today with plenty of sunshine. here comes the next storm system. watch how it lines up here on the mountains. once again the mountains will get some snow and see rain back toward charleston, west virginia but watch the storm. it literally evaporates, completely dies out. so i expect a couple flurries early tomorrow morning. maybe a couple sprinkles late tomorrow afternoon. that's really going to be about it. then on wednesday, our next storm system is going to come in and bring us some rain during the day on thursday.
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maybe some heavy rain at times. it's going to be a mild rain but this next storm could set the stage for the one that we're talking about this weekend. increasing clouds and rather chilly this evening. 37 to about 41 degrees. sunset at 5:43 tonight. tonight we'll continue to see the clouds on the increase through tomorrow morning and yes we will see a couple flurries, best chance for any snow overnight will be well to the north and west of washington talking about martinsburg, west virginia, maybe around winchester up toward frederick and hagerstown reel bit it. 27 to 34 degrees. and tomorrow afternoon i think cloudy with a few p.m. sprinkles. once again the best chance will be to the north and west of washington. becoming rather mild. 48 to 53 degrees. kind of back to where we were during the day today. next four days 53. a beautiful day on wednesday and then rain on thursday with a high of 54. 50 on friday, rather breezy, but temperatures on the mild side. then we get into the weekend. we'll be watching a storm system which does have a chance to
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bring us snow again during the day on sunday. how big will it be? we're about five, six days away from that. watching that very closely. >> all right. good to see a little more daylight at the end of the day. later sun sets. thank you, doug. coming up tonight, a highway sign fell on to a truck on i-66 over the weekend. tonight a look at what may be to blame. the biggest names in music gathered for a night of big wins
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some scary moments for a woman in virginia over the weekend. a huge tree came crashing through her home on sunday morning. part of the tree landed in the woman's bedroom pinning her to the bed. crews were called in and they were able to free the woman. the rescue took an hour and a half. she was taken to the hospital and said her leg was numb but otherwise she is expected to be okay. the virginia department of transportation is planning to inspect overhead highway signs along i-66. they're going to do that after one of those signs tipped over and fell into the road. the 30-foot high sign came crashing down saturday afternoon on the eastbound lanes of 66 near monument drive in fairfax county. that sign hit a pickup truck.
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nobody was injured somehow. traffic was backed up for hours though. there were high winds on saturday afternoon and they figured that may have played a part. >> we wanted to determine if the wind was a factor, if there were faulty parts, any type of issue that there could have been with this. we hope to find it in the next week or so. >> reporter: v dot says it inspects all of the signs every five years. the one that fell was inspected in december of 2007. the anchor bolts had been tested since then. v dot says such collapses are extremely rare. metro is making a lot of changes lately and now we are learning that consultants play a big part in that. the washington examiner reports that the transit agency is employing 18 different companies and spending nearly $52 million to improve operations. among the things consultants are analyzing the escalators and fare cards. metro says the money spent is about 2% of the agency's budget for this year.
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officials say the agency is using consultants to bolster staff and will hire people as necessary. coming up tonight a local producer remembers her collaboration with whitney houston and houston's final days. hundreds of people associated with the free tibet movement are praying outside the white house. earlier today there was a death-defying banner hanging from the memorial bridge. i'll have the story coming up on news 4. scary moments at a condo complex in d.c. the mishap that sent some people to the hospital and forced authorities to evacuate the whole place. coming up in sports why the big apple takes a bite out of the capitals. the team leader is vocal about his lack of playing time. and we'll hear from one of the newest nats pictures about why d.c. is the place to be. as news 4 at 6:00 continues.
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the medical examiner testified today at the trial of the former university of virginia la crosse player who is accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend, a woman named yardley love. dr. bill gormley performed the autopsy on love and testified that love suffered bruises from head to toe and had injuries that were consistent with smothering.
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the accused man is george huguely who lived in chevy chase. he has been charged with murder. today a judge lifted some restrictions against jerry sandusky and his house arrest. under the new rules he can have unlimited contact as well as visits from his grandchildren provided at least one parent is present. the former penn state assistant football coach will stand trial in may on 52 charges that he sexually abused young boys over a 15-year period. president obama sent his new budget to capitol hill today. then he went to northern virginia community college to talk about it. the congressional republicans say the budget contains nothing new and that it ignores a spending crisis that could ruin the economy. here is doug with the forecast. what's going on right now, not a whole lot in our area. we are looking at our next storm system that is right in the middle of the country bringing in rain and snow. take a look at the radar and you can see nothing on our picture right here on storm 4 radar. as we widen out, all of the rain and snow is off to the west snowing right now in and around
6:30 pm
st. louis very close to the memphis area with the current temperature of 36 degrees. most of that moisture, however, will not make its way our way. we are going to see a slight chance for some flurries. maybe a couple sprinkles but that's not the only storm we're talking about. maybe another 2 to 3 storms in the forecast. i'll show you one more time in about the next 15 to 20 minutes so you want to make sure you stick around. >> thank you, doug. now to our continuing coverage of the death of whitney houston over the weekend. the singer was found dead in a hotel bath tub. >> the official cause of death has not been released. apparently still a mystery right now. but members of d.c.'s music community are talking about how whitney houston influenced their lives and their careers. erika gonzalez has our report. ♪ i believe the children are our future ♪ >> reporter: the daughter of a bishop and evangelist singer/song writer lo mo said whitney houston made it cool for
6:31 pm
church girls like her to go secular. she is on her fourth album. the two met at the new york recording studio the hit factory. >> i was kind of star struck like the kind that you're like okay. i think i can sing but i am in the presence of a singer. >> reporter: after working with the likes of missy elliot and alia she became the vocal producer for houston's "oh, yes" song in 1998. as reports of abuse and drug addiction followed the diva, lo mo says it sent up a warning flag. >> some of the highest up have the lowest self-esteem. you never know what people are going through. >> reporter: fast forward to last thursday night houston singing "jesus loves me." >> i told my sister, i don't know. something ain't right. >> reporter: she says when she saw the video she knew her idol had lost the one thing that had catapulted her to the top of the music charts. the golden voice wasn't hoarse. it was gone.
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she says it was a cry for help. >> when somebody's heart is broken you just feel it. >> reporter: how did you know her heart was broken? what did you feel? >> you just know. >> reporter: she says it is now time to figure out how someone could have left houston alone in a beverly hills hotel bathroom to die. >> erika gonzalez reporting. sony music is getting heat for increasing the price of whitney houston's greatest hits album on i-tunes. according to the guardian newspaper that music company increased the price of the album 12 hours after houston's death. shortly after that increase it went back to the original price. houston's ultimate collection album is not listed for sale on i-tunes. apple and sony aren't commenting about that. there is an arrest tonight in an apparently random shooting that followed a series of fights that began at a high school
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basketball game. it happened friday night. police in prince william county, virginia say 19-year-old johnny kamaro was part of a large fight at garfield high school in woodbridge. that was broken up and members of the fighting groups eventually ended up in dumfries. police say he fired several shots at one location there and nobody was hit. they say minutes later he shot at two other people walking down the street grazing one in the head. the victim was not involved in any of the fights. she is expected to be okay. prosecutors say a man wanted revenge when he allegedly shot and killed an off-duty maryland state trooper. opening statements got under way today for the trial of ceril williams charged with murder in the 2010 shooting death of trooper wesley brown who had been working security at the apple bea's restaurant in forestville. prosecutors say williams shot him after brown asked him to leave the restaurant for disorderly conduct. a call about a possible gas leak at a d.c. condominium complex turned into something quite more serious. it happened this afternoon in
6:34 pm
the 2600 block of wade road in southeast. many residents were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning there. pat cott pat collins has our report. >> pretty light headed and the next thing i know the fire department is knocking at the door. >> reporter: the baby was with you? >> yes. >> reporter: how are they doing? >> we're trying to find out. so far so good. >> reporter: scary? >> yes, scary. definitely. >> reporter: residents from a southeast condo marched to a gigantic ambulance bus for medical attention. a close call here on wade road southeast. firefighters came here for the report of a gas leak but they found something far more serious. >> our units were dispatched for a natural gas leak and realized real quick it was a carbon monoxide emergency. we upgraded our assignment and brought many more resources to
6:35 pm
fas ill nate almocilitate almos casualty event. >> reporter: they took no chances and had medical workers all over the place making sure all the residents got examined and evaluated. what was this like? >> scary. it was scary. if it would have ban litteen a more serious, it could have been me rolling out there. >> reporter: everybody is expected to be okay. 11 adults five children taken to the hospital for safety's sake. the residents can get back into the building and go back into their condo. they just can't turn on the heat until that furnace is fixed. in southeast washington, i'm pat collins, news 4. >> the fire department says it will provide and install carbon monoxide detectors for any of the families that ask for one. still ahead on news 4 it was a night of tribute and celebration of the grammy awards in los angeles. tickets to see madonna at the verizon center here in d.c.
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sold out within minutes today. ♪
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evening spotlight. >> no surprise, rolling in the deep, adele. >> after dominating radio airwaves and record sales adele also dominated sunday's grammy awards. the british singer won six awards including the night's big three -- record, song, and album of the year for tunes from her album "21." >> i can't tell you how i feel about it. it's been the most life changing year. >> 21, adele! >> reporter: the six grammys tied beyonce's record for most wins by a woman in one evening. >> thank you so much. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: the night also marked a comeback of sorts for adele. ♪ there's a fire starting in my heart ♪ >> reporter: it was her first public appearance since vocal cord surgery in november. it drew a standing ovation that lasted close to a minute. even as music honored one voice it mourned another. >> we've had a death in our family. >> reporter: the grammy host
6:40 pm
l.l. cool jay led the audience in prayer to honor whitney houston at the evening outset. >> although she has gone too soon we remain truly blessed to have been touched by her beautiful spirit. ♪ and i will always love you >> reporter: jennifer hudson also paid tribute in song. ♪ we love we love you >> reporter: the performance provided an emotional signature for a night of legacy both ending as well as beginning. >> the night's other big winner the band foo fighters took home five grammys including best rock album. tickets to see madonna at the verizon center sold out in record time. the concert is scheduled for sunday, september 23rd. the tickets went on sale this morning but they were gone in just a few minutes. in case you missed out there is good news. the second show has just been
6:41 pm
added for d.c. it will be on monday, september 24th and tickets for that concert go on sale next tuesday. >> they'll probably be gone in about two years. you know how that works. really something. hey guys. wizards actually played really well on the road for a change. this was fun to watch. the capitals' leader feeling somewhat iced out while his teammates may find themselves out of the playoffs if they can't turn things around. here's doug with a check on the forecast. and watching one storm system out there right now plus another, not one but two storms that could affect you over the next couple days including one that could bring some snow. i'll show it to you in my [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
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and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum, we can empower more people to innovate, create jobs, and put momentum behind our economy. and a spectrum auction could raise as much as 30 billion dollars to help fund the payroll tax cut. it's simple. more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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over the last few years this team has had so incredibly much promise and now all of a sudden i heard you earlier. they're struggling to get into the playoffs. doesn't even sound right. >> i just look at that jacket and how the tie pulls the red out of there. i love that jacket. >> shall we start again? >> you boys and your fashion. >> you like this? >> yeah. >> you can borrow it sometime. >> expect nothing less. >> as soon as you grow over six feet. >> oh, wow. let's move on. still almost two months to go in the nhl regular season so not time to push the panic button yet. the capitals still in the thick of the playoff race just one point out. the capitals are going to make some moves, he said in his latest blog, they would add some
6:45 pm
junk whatever that means via the trade markets in the next few weeks. he called yesterday's loss to the rangers a tough one. that it was. the capitals had a chance to take down the best team in the east but the rangers out hustled and out muscled the new capitals with more blocked shots and more hits. in the end it was more rangers goals that did the capitals in. they lost, 3-2 to new york. now they're sitting in ninth place in the conference standings not exactly where the guy is expected to be this time of the year. >> has its ups and downs. probably somewhere around fourth or fifth. try to battle for the home ice advantage, so right now it's a little tougher than we'd like it to be. >> the good thing is you control your own destiny. not like it's one game off, you know, if you lose that type of thing, obviously you control your own destiny. you play hard and do what have you to do and stay within a
6:46 pm
group and stay strong. >> everyone has to step up to the game right from the best plays down and that's the bottom line. guys want to make the playoff. you know, we'll have an early summer which is never good. >> not good at all. no rest for the weary either. capitals back at it again tonight hosting the sharks at verizon center before embarking on a four-game road trip. now in an effort to shape things up dale hunter is benched one of his team leaders alternate captain mike knuble set to be a healthy scratch for the third straight game tonight. >> we're all competitive. wouldn't be playing in the league if we weren't. you want to be out there every night especially this time of the year when the games matter a lot. you know, the best time of the year to play because you're winning and losing as a group, as a team and you're focusing and trying to get your team in
6:47 pm
the playoffs. it's always kind of -- it sucks, you know, quite frankly, to be sitting out and missing games and watching the team play. >> all right. wizards had a nice start to their longest trip of the road season a rare road trip in motown their first win there since '07 and their second win away from verizon center this season. surprisingly they did it with their best player john wahl only scoring nine points. it was a rough start for wahl shooting wise at least but he led the wizards to a big second half spurt. the wizards were down 61-59 in the third. wahl starts a 21-2 run but more importantly facilitated. 15 assists. nick young, jamal mcgee both tied for a team high 22 points. head coach randy whitman gets the rare blowout victory and is seeing some progress. >> you know, just had an inkling if maybe we could spread the floor a little more we could get
6:48 pm
john more room to operate. he makes some big shots which did allow john to get going himself to end up with the game de. i think we're finding guys well playing together understanding where they're at. the extra passes, you know, and that was big. then nick got hot. it seemed like everybody, you know, punched in something for us. >> the redskins had a rough year. the wizards were struggling. the capitals. >> what is the good news? >> the good news is we have a baseball team that could finally be competitive. >> that is good news. >> looking forward to that. >> in indianapolis they were saying how this could be a good year. >> this is going to be the best year i think most people expect in the franchise history for the nationals. the spring training just a couple weeks away now believe it or not. it's getting close. the nationals expect to have one of the most complete pitching staffs in baseball.
6:49 pm
starters and relievers included. former phillies closer brad lidge has been the latest addition to the national bull pen that is literally flooded with quality arms. after an injury plagued season in philly lidge is looking to resurrect his career against a team he used to enjoy beating on a regular basis. >> if the nationals were maybe where they were a couple years ago it probably wouldn't have been a very attractive option. but the fact that last year they finished the 500 and had a bunch of key guys hurt, you know, i think really kind of shows the path they're headed on and this year if they expand the wild card to another team i think the nationals have a very good chance of being there. even if they don't i think the nl east is where the wild card is going to come out of and the nationals are seeing a chance to be that team. >> new nationals reliever brad lidge the university of maryland made it official we told you last week. danny o'brian has played his last game for the terps and will transfer with starting left tackle max garcia and linebacker mario rosen.
6:50 pm
o'brian is set to graduate this spring and can play for another school immediately unless it's vanderbilt. the head coach randy eds l has not given o'brian his release to play with vandy to reunite with james franklin. and this stinks. you know why? because from what i hear edsall asked o'brian to wait to make an announcement and not say anything until after they signed stefan diggs. they signed stefan digs and now he is not going to let him go play with vanderbilt to reunite with his offensive coordinator. >> kind of nasty. >> i don't agree with that. maybe it can change down the road. i don't think so. >> i've heard a couple apologies out there. coming up next police moved in on land and water to arrest [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
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coming up tonight when we join you for nbc nightly news does it feel like allergy season never ended or has it started earlier? depending on where you live flowers are blooming, temperatures have remained pretty high. no real winter to speak of. in other words it's an allergy sufferer's worst nightmare. tonight we'll look at the
6:54 pm
science of what's going on here this winter of 2012. we'll have that and more when we see you tonight for nightly news. for now back to you. police arrested a group of protesters after they literally hung their message from the memorial bridge. they're part of the free tibet movement and news 4 was there as police took them into custody. darcy spencer reports this is just the start to a week of demonstrations. >> it was a daring banner drop on the memorial bridge. four free tibet protesters arrested by u.s. park police. two of them were dangling from the bridge when they were taken into custody. >> free tibet! >> the banner reading "tibet will be free" was hung about 10:30 this morning. two protesters were arrested on top of the bridge, two more taken by boat to the georgetown water front, cuffed, and taken to jail. >> they knew they were taking a risk and also knew that the risk is something that they were too happy to take compared to the risk of the tibetan people inside tibet, the sacrifices they are making.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: after the bridge incident hundreds of protesters came here to lafayette park just outside the white house to continue their demonstration. the bridge stunt was part of a larger demonstration opposing a visit to washington by china's heir apparent vice president ping. he is expected to meet with president obama tuesday. >> the violations happening inside tibet right now, the police brutality, military crackdown, these are all serious crimes. >> hundreds of protesters sat down just outside the white house fence and prayed. they say nearly two dozen people have set themselves on fire in tibet over the last two years to defy chinese control. >> i think they are really depressed and trying nonviolent methods for so long and nobody seemed to be hearing their voices. >> reporter: protesters are planning a series of what they call colorful demonstrations
6:56 pm
over the next few days hoping to get the world's attention. >> personally it meant a lot. a lot of tibetan people are suffering in china right now. >> reporter: darcy spencer news 4. demonstrators are planning to rally outside the white house starting at 8:30 tomorrow morning. >> in virginia a controversial new measure could make it easier to remove public school teachers from their jobs. today the house of delegates voted to approve a measure that will gradually phase out continuing contracts whi. teachers and principals would move to three-year contracts not automatically renewed. teachers would be evaluated annual lane after three years could be removed with no reason given. the three-year contracts would apply only to new hires. supporters say students suffer if bad teachers are allowed to continue working. critics say it is not hard to get rid of a bad teacher under the current system. there is a rally under way
6:57 pm
right now in support of a same sex marriage bill in maryland. supporters of the group equality maryland are gathered at the state house and annapolis to make their voices heard and also plan to visit legislators' offices. governor martin o'malley has pushed for a bill to pass the state senate and house and says he would sign it immediately. last year a gay marriage bill failed in maryland when it didn't have enough support in the house. coming up in our broadcast at 11:00 tonight we'll have more from the tapes of the first police interview with britney norwood the woman sent to jail for the lulu lemon murder case. also a school has turned to paying students to show up. so far it's working. also, not looking forward to valentine's day tomorrow perhaps. wendy rieger with a report on some of the unvalentines parties that are happening across our area. >> what about our valentine's day weather, doug? >> could be a couple snow flurries early tomorrow morning then maybe a couple sprinkles late in the afternoon but that's not the big storm we'll be
6:58 pm
watching the next couple days. we have a couple right now, the one that is coming through tonight looks impressive on the radar with snow to the north in chicago and st. louis and down to the south. heavy rain moving through portions of the southeast but that storm will quickly dry out as it makes its way our way. just a couple flurries tomorrow morning. maybe a couple sprinkles late in the afternoon. cloudy and cool when you wake up tomorrow morning. 27 to 34 degrees with those clouds. tomorrow afternoon we'll see more cloud cover and yes a few p.m. sprinkles but i'm not expecting much. becoming mild though. 48 to 53 degrees with winds out of the southwest about 10 to 15 miles per hour. the next couple days looking really nice on wednesday with a high of 53 degrees. 54 on thursday. but that 70% chance of rain i think might as well make that a hundred percent. i think just about everybody will see some rain on thursday. some of it could be heavy at times. friday 50 degrees. rather breezy but a pretty nice afternoon and looking at the weekend there's actually a possibility of some snow coming up on sunday. that's a storm system of course we'll watch very, very closely.
6:59 pm
a couple computer models bringing it right up the coast which would give us good snow but this year most of them have stayed to the south and stayed offshore so if you're a snow lover out there you're hoping it moves up the coast. >> but don't count on it. >> don't count on it. >> thank you, doug. more than 400 people in as to dlgs tonia competed in a marathon last weekend. you might imagine it would be a test of endurance competitors seeing who could stand the heat the longest. the goal of this marathon is to visit as many saunas as possible. contestants broke into teams and had to visit 15 saunas spread across 60 miles and spend at least three minutes in each one. costumes of course were optional. the winning team managed to complete the marathon in just under three hours. now here is what i want to know about this story. what i'm curious about. if you took a hundred people right now randomly on the street and you asked them to say, where is astonia how many do you t


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